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Our range of modular push button panels Series 800 are being enlarged continuously and are now complimented with modules for access control  and advanced digital door entry system. All units are easy to install and extremely reliable and robust at reasonable cost.

The Front Supports have been restyled and the Modules are now available with different materials and finishes.


A CCD B/W or Colour Camera is built into a "Series 800" module and can be added to the "outside station" for video intercom systems. All Camera Modules are available for system with or without coaxial cable and have infra red LEDs or lamps incorporated for subject illumination. The Camera Unit is also available in weather-proof housing complete with camera bracket.


The "Series 900" is completed with various videophones using an extra flat 4" CRT tube. Models are available for wall or desk mounting, B/W or Colour screen,
single and intercommunicating systems and all come with contrast and brightness adjustments. It is possible to have systems using or without Coaxial cable.
This wide range is also complemented by a low cost videophone using the traditional 5" CRT tube but still with the quality and reliability of the flat screen models.


900a.JPG (20246 bytes) These videophones use a traditional 5" tube and are fully compatible with the flat screen type. M versions are surface mounting with mirror view, F versions are flush   mounting with front direct view.



vidkit1.JPG (14738 bytes) The VideoKit Series VK6 have been designed for a one family or office installation. The door panel  is now smaller and easy to install (no coax required). The circuitry is very reliable and guarantees a very high quality of the audio and video signals for a distance, between outdoor station and monitor, up to 200 mt using standard cables (for distances longer than 200 mt refer to Technical Manual). It is also possible to wire a second monitor, telephone or extension sounder in parallel.






This new series is fully compatible with the old 500 Series and has incorporated all the experience gained in more than 20 years in the field of access control. This new series is completed with the SMART Series which has been designed to a high quality with minimum cost.

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Low cost door entry kits. High reliability